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Search by Tag 2.1.1

This plugin will display article's meta keywords or tags (Joomla 3.2 and above) and use Joomla default search function to find articles with the same tags.


  • Search all words, any word or exact match.
  • Select desired article categories.
  • Limit number of tags displayed and hide them in certain articles.
  • Set tags positioning to top or bottom of the article.
  • Align tags left, center or right.
  • Add custom CSS class for better styling.
  • Compatible with Joomla Tags component.



Look at the bottom of any article on out site (this one, for example) and you'll see the tags list. Click any tag to see, how it works.

Compatibility: 2.5 & 3.0



Here's what our customers say about this extension...

Reviews for Search by Tag

Simple, effective, straightforward

vgiozo, 26.12.2012

I've been using this extension for some time now and can't believe it hasn't received any reviews, so let me be the first. For those who seek to give their articles a "tag-like" function, this is probably their best bet.

It actually functions like Joomla search, but it offers options for setting how to find matching results (in contrast with other similar extension which make this decision for you), with stricter of wider matching criteria, thereby allowing the administrator to narrow or widen the search results.

It integrates well with the styling of my site and it functions without conflicts. For me it has also solved another problem I had with similar extensions.

I have Disqus comments for my site and these other extensions would display the "tags" BELOW the comments, even though they were loaded before Disqus comments in Plugin Manager.

Search by Tag is the only one which actually displays the tags above the comments.

No complaints, but I would like to have the option to set some styling from within the plugin parameters. Also on some articles, cannot find a reason why this happens and on what basis, the tags extend beyond the article space.

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Change log


  • Minor code optimization.


  • ADDED: Joomla Tags support added (for Joomla 3.2.0 and higher).
  • Some bug fixes and code optimization.


Installation and settings

Nothing complex here. Just install as usual and set up accordingly. If you want to hide tags in certain articles, just insert notags marker wrapped in {} in article text.

For Joomla 3.2.0 and higher you might want to turn off Show Tags option in articles settings to avoid duplicated tags listing.

Don't forget to read hints for fields in settings — they are very helpful.


Support for all our extensions is absolutely free, excluding installation, setup, CSS incompatibilities or any customizations. If you have any issues with one of our extensions, got an idea or pre-purchase questions, feel free to contact us via email given below.

Email: support@thekrotek.com

You may also use our support forum for the same purposes. Don't forget to include error messages (if any) or screenshots with them in your support request or forum post.

Please, DO NOT create ANY videos for your support requests — this is the worst possible way to describe an issue. Send ONLY plain text or screenshots.

Please, DO NOT send access credentials to your server or back-end of your site until specifically asked to. We will ask for them ourselves, when it is absolutely necessary.

We'll be happy to help you!

Paid Services

Apart from free support we offer paid services: installation, setup or any kind of customization. These services are paid on per hour basis: 10 EUR / hour, 20 EUR minimal payment. If you're not able to install or setup any extension or require customization, contact us via email: support@thekrotek.com.

All paid services provided only after full payment and are non-refundable. Negotiated price is always final and will not change, even if we spend more or less time with your task.

NOTE: Joomla 2.5 support is considered as customization and not free. It should be paid on a regular basis (see above).


Please, read the list of most popular questions below, before you ask for support. It'll save all of us some time.

I don't know, how to setup your extension! Nothing works!
This is why we, developers, usually write instructions. You'll find them at this very page.

I don't have PayPal or credit card. Can I pay you some other way?
No, we only accept payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

How can I re-download purchased extensions?
Just login with your credentials and visit Profile -> My Orders, where you'll find all your orders.

I have a custom template. Will your extension fit in it?
It might not fit, but try to help you with this. Feel free to contact us, if you have any issues or questions.

Will you help me adjust layout of your extension to my site's template?
We don't do any styling or templating, however all out extensions are highly customizable and can be adjusted to any template via CSS.

Will I have access to upgrades and support after purchase?
Every purchased extension has 180 days of absolutely free support and upgrades. Feel free to contact us, if you have any issues or questions.

Are there any better extensions than yours?

I have an idea and want to share it...
Sure, feel free to tell us, what's on your mind. However we can't guarantee you, that your idea will be accepted right away.

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