Missing Meta Check 2.1.0

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A simple module, which shows a list of articles without description, keywords or tags (for Joomla 3.2+). Very useful if you tend to give all your articles descriptions, keywords and tags, but sometimes forget to do so.


  • Displays articles with missing meta description and keywords.
  • Very good for SEO.
  • Perfectly integrates with standard admin skin.
  • Compatible with Joomla Tags component.


Currently there's no demo for this extension. See screenshots below.

Compatibility: 2.5 & 3.0

Price: FREE

Download Missing Meta Check (missing_meta.zip)


  • NEW: Joomla Tags support added (for Joomla 3.2.0 and higher).
  • Some bug fixes and code optimization.

Frequently asked questions

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I don't know, how to setup your extension! Nothing works!
This is why we, developers, usually write instructions. You'll find them at the bottom of this page.

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No, we only accept payments via PayPal.

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Please, read the instructions below before enabling this extension. This extension was tested a thousand times and we assure you, it DOES work.

Step 1: Installation and settings

Nothing complex here. Just install as usual and choose cpanel as position.

Step 2: Enjoy


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