Social Crossposting 3.2.1


Feature rich component, which allows you to post articles in popular social networks and blogging systems: Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, LinkedIn and LiveJournal. You just write an article, insert a {crossposting} marker in it and relax! No additional actions required!


  • Available networks: Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Tumblr.
  • Full Joomla content component (Joomla articles) support.
  • Easy installation and setup, no stupid "channels", "synchronizations" or whatsoever. Must read the instructions though!
  • Versatile report system, which allows you to control all successful submissions and errors.
  • Supports virtually any content publishing components like K2 or Zoo (see all available plugins below). NEW!
  • Full SEF support (including sh404SEF, JoomSEF etc.). NEW!
  • Absolutely autonomous process. You just set up everything, add a cron job or enable cron plugin and relax!
  • Add some text to title and message to make your postings a bit unique (separately for each network).
  • Limit post length to turn it into teaser for your readers (separately for each network).
  • Exclude or include categories or exclude particular articles from posting (separately for each content component).
  • Keep all article images (LiveJournal), only the first one or add your own custom picture (Facebook, VKontakte, LinkedIn and Twitter).
  • Bulk post all articles from certain category of the desired content component.
  • Crossposting Journal, where you can control all your submissions (with autoprune option).
  • Editor button to quick-insert marker in any article.

Price: 34.95 USD
Old price: 39.95 USD
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All payments are absolutely safe and secure.
You'll be able to download this extension immediately after the payment.

3.2.2 (Upcoming release)

  • FIXED: Access check for admin pages in Joomla 2.5 doesn't work properly.
  • FIXED: Posting crashes, if Twitter token expired or wrong app data entered.


  • ADDED: Permissions to restrict Crossposting content management in back-end.
  • ADDED: Support for pictures in K2 items added via Images tab.
  • FIXED: Several bugs related to Joomla article picture.
  • FIXED: Rare Twitter errors, when posting tweet with picture.
  • Minor bugs and code optimization.
  • All content plugins must be updated!


  • ADDED: Tumblr added to the list of available social networks.
  • ADDED: Better crossposting journal checks and updates with wall ID instead of name.
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks.
  • All content plugins must be updated!


  • ADDED: EasyBlog support plugin and marker injector.
  • ADDED: Now you can put {crossposting} marker between
    tags and it will not be hidden from article text (see Instructions section for more info).
  • All content plugins must be updated!


  • ADDED: Full SEF support (sh404SEF, JoomSEF etc.).
  • ADDED: Permission to use crossposting (insert {crossposting} marker).
  • All marker injectors must be updated!


  • ADDED: You can now mark any picture in the article with "crossposting" class and it will be posted along with text. Otherwise the first picture will be used.
  • ADDED: Support for images added via Images & Links tab. These images have the highest priority and will ignore all pictures from the article, even with "crossposting" class.
  • FIXED: Crossposting button conflicted with Hide Crossposting Marker plugin.


  • ADDED: HTML reports, when using cron job. NOTE: Cron link has changed and you should update it!
  • FIXED: Wrong link generation for Zoo articles, when SEF turned on. Zoo plugin must be updated as well.


  • FIXED: Wrong path to cURL certificate in some places.
  • FIXED: Wong link generation in Zoo plugin.


We strongly recommend to make a backup of all your items' tables (Content, K2, Zoo etc.) before upgrade!

  • ADDED: Marker injector, which automatically inserts {crossposting} marker in article on save.
  • ADDED: cURL certificate and path to it for better compatibility.
  • FIXED: Cron plugin now properly saves Last Run parameter with caching turned ON.
  • FIXED: Twitter links now created properly.
  • FIXED: Twitter posts less than 140 chars now have link added as well.
  • FIXED: Markers with different letter cases (cRoSSposting etc.) or wrapped in P-tags now properly detected.
  • All content plugins must be updated!
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • FIXED: Links to articles now generated properly, when using Cron plugin.
  • FIXED: Twitter status length with picture now calculated properly.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • NEW: Picture can be added to Twitter posts similar to Facebook, LinkedIn and VKontakte.
  • NEW: System plugin, which works as an alternative to Cron job. If you don't have access to Cron, enable and setup this plugin
  • NEW: Crossposting Journal, where you can control all you posted entries (with autoprune option).
  • NEW: Multiple blogs now supported in LiveJournal settings.
  • FIXED: Category now correctly applies to desired source during bulk posting.
  • All content plugins must be updated!
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Absolutely new extension concept: now it's not just plugin, but a component.
  • Content plugins support added. Virtually any content management system can be used to post articles from it.
  • Added separate use of social networks for each content system.
  • Pictures now can be attached to VKontakte posts as well.
  • Report system extended.
  • Bulk posting added: you can post the whole article category at once.
  • All requests to social network now use cURL.
  • Some bug fixes from previous version.

Why is it better, than other similar extension?

Social Crossposting works exactly as you expect and doesn't require any extra actions. It's functionality can be extended indefinitely via plugins, which we will gladly develop for you absolutely free. In short, you have to set up everything once and then just mark content, which you want to be posted. You don't need to sync anything, don't have to constantly setup component. It just works. And you always be aware of what's happening via versatile report system, which stores all submissions in crossposting journal. Your articles will never be doubled or posted twice!

Social Crossposting is the only extension, which can work with any content management system. Just let us know, what you need!


Compatibility: 2.5 & 3.0


You can see the news in our FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn or Tumblr pages — they all been posted with Social Crossposting. There's no front-end for this extension, but back-end can be tested on our demo site (username: demo, password: demo).


Social Crossposting extension's functionality can be easily extended via plugins, which allow you to post articles from desired content publishing component, automatically add marker etc. Open the list of available plugins below, download the desired plugin, install, setup and enable. All plugins require main Social Crossposting component!

NOTE: Each content plugin has its own choice of networks. For example, you can choose to post you ads to Facebook only, articles to LinkedIn, Twitter and VKontakte and events to LiveJournal.

Content plugins (Paid):

Marker injectors (FREE):

If you can't find your component in the list, you may write your own or send us a request, and we will create it for you!

Price: 37.95 USD
Convert to USD / RUB / EUR

All payments are absolutely safe and secure.
You'll be able to download this extension immediately after the payment.

Frequently asked questions

Please, read the list of most popular questions below, before you ask for support. It'll save all of us some time.

I don't know, how to setup your extension! Nothing works!
This is why we, developers, usually write instructions. You'll find them at the bottom of this page.

I don't have PayPal or credit card. Can I pay you some other way?
No, we only accept payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

How can I re-download purchased extensions?
Just login with your credentials and select My Orders from Profile dropdown menu at the top.

I have a custom template. Will your extension fit it?
It can not, but we'll gladly help you with this. Just send us a tell.

Will you help me adjust layout of your to my template?
We don't do any styling or templating, however all out extensions are highly customizable and can be adjusted to any template via CSS.

Are there any better extensions than yours?

I have an idea and want to share it...
Sure, feel free to tell us, what's on your mind. However we can't guarantee you, that your idea will be accepted right away.


You may request support via email or on support forum. Please, include any error messages in your support request.


Please, read the instructions below before enabling this extension. It was tested a thousand times and we assure you, it DOES work.

Step 1: Installation and settings

Install extension as usual and setup desired services.

Facebook Settings

Go here and create application. Enter application name, choose category and click "Continue". In application settings click "Add Platform", choose "Website" and enter your Sites URL. On the same page enter App Domains (note, that and are different domains!) and your email in Contact Email field. Save application, select Status & Review tab on the left and make your app available to public. Now get Application ID and Secret Key on the same page and enter them in corresponding fields in plugin settings. Save plugin settings and click "Login with Facebook" link. On the next page confirm application access to your data. Save plugin settings one more time. If everything was done properly, you'll get a list of your groups and pages (if any). Enable posting to Facebook.

NOTE: Facebook App, Facebook profile or page and the user who authorizes the app MUST belong to the same Facebook account. Make sure you are logged to Facebook as the same user who created the app.

Twitter Settings

Go here and create applicaton. Fill only required fields and give Read & Write access to your application. To create token click the corresponding button on the bottom of the Details page in application settings. Enter Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret in plugin settings. Enable posting to Twitter.

LinkedIn Settings

Go here and create applicaton. Fill the bunch of info according to your liking, save application, open again and look for OAuth Keys. Grab API Key and Secret Key on application page and enter them in corresponding fields in plugin settings. Save plugin settings and click "Login with LinkedIn" link. On the next page confirm application access to your data. Save plugin settings one more time. If everything was done properly, you'll get a list of your groups (if any). Enable posting to LinkedIn.

Usage specifics:

  • LinkedIn token lifetime is 60 days, so it can expire and you'll have to renew it.
  • Link title and description will not be displayed if "Add link & picture" option is turned off.
  • Posts in Network Update stream have some delay (upto couple minutes), so be patient.

VKontakte Settings

Go here and create application. Choose Standalone Application and enter it's name. On the next page enter site address and base domain. Now get Application ID and Secret Key on the same page and enter them in corresponding fields in plugin settings. Save plugin settings and click "Login with VKontakte" link. A new window will pop. Look into address line and take values of access_token and user_id variables (everything between = and next &) and enter them in corresponding fields in plugin settings. Save plugin settings one more time. If everything was done properly, you'll get a list of your groups and pages (if any). Enable posting to VKontakte.

LiveJournal Settings

No particular instructions, you only have to be registered there. Choose all settings accordingly.

Step 2: Posting articles

To enable crossposting you MUST add a {crossposting} marker in desired items. You may do this manually or enable marker injector, which will automatically add a marker in every item on save. This includes new and old items, but only items that has no entries in journal will be posted. However, if you've set to autoprune journal and saved some old items, they'll eventually be reposted, when corresponding entries deleted. So be careful with that.

When you done writing and adding markers, set up a following cron job:

lynx -source ''

ХХХХХХ — secret key, which is stored in database. You'll find your personal string with secret key on the main page of the component. If you don't wont to receive any reports, put this command at the end of the above string:

> /dev/null

System plugin

If you don't have access to cron, you can enable system plugin calles Crossposting Cron. For starters, open its settings and enter the secret key (ХХХХХХ in given example), given on the main page of the component's back-end. Then set plugin run period in minutes, but don't make it too low (60 minutes is recommended). If you want to receive reports, check Yes and enter email address (must differ from system email address in Joomla global configuration). Similar to cron job you also can set category and source for bulk posting, but don't forget to remove them after the first launch or all your articles will be posted again and again.

Manual processing

You can process articles the same way as cron, but manualy: just launch the URL above in your browser and wait till the job done. But that's not recommended and one time only.

Bulk posting

If you need to post all articles from certain category, you need to add 2 more values to cron job string: category and source. The resulting line should look like this:

lynx -source ''

id can be found in Categories section of your content component. And name is a source name: "content", "k2", "zoo" etc. (the one given after "com_" prefix, without quotes).

Don't forget to increase Number of Articles value (if needed) to cover all articles in category. And stop cron job, when you get its report, or the same articles will be posted again!

Display marker instead of posting

If for any particular reason you just want to display {crossposting} marker in your article, put it between code tags:


In this case marker will not be hidden from the article text.

Step 3: Additional info

Please, note the information below:

  • All items in the settings have hints. Please, read them! There're plenty useful information out there.
  • If something doesn't work, triple check component and application settings and permissions (especially for extra spaces in input fields).
  • If you don't see your VKontakte, LinkedIn or Facebook walls, renew the token data. Just delete it from settings and repeat login/save operation.
  • This extension may stop working, if developers will change something in network's API. But that's not for sure and not for a long time.
  • Some popular networks like Google Plus, Odnoklassniki, and others provide API with read only access and can not be added to this plugin. Yes, this is stupid, but it's true.

Step 4: Enjoy



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